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All beginning are hard. And maybe the most difficult thing is mustering up all the courage that might be in you and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, despite knowing all too well that there are risks and that there will be obstacles. The first major obstacle – financing. And then, all the other small stuff that you can not possibly learn about during a research phase, no matter how thorough you are, because there will be unpredicted events connected to daily activities, technical subtleties and industry specific aspects. However, everything can be managed and we want to give you all the support you need in order to make your dream come true.

Thus, once the 2018 edition of the Romanian guvernmental program Start-up Nation is launched, the DACTRUST team can provide you technical information regarding the appropriate commercial equipment suitable for this financing program in hospitality projects. Thanks to the experience we’ve gathered throughout the development of this projct we can offer complete technical offers for the needed equipment in starting or developing activities in fields as such: restaurant kitchens, confectionery labs, pastries, bakeries, coffeeshops, terraces, industrial laundry services and so on.

The budget that the Romanian Guvernment (through the Ministery for the Business Environment. Commerce and Entrepreneurship) has allocated for the 2018 Start-up Nation program is 2 billion RON (200.000 RON for 10.000 companies), so there may very well be plenty of chances for YOUR IDEA to come to life! Don’t let self-doubt lock you in! If you have a dream, an idea you believe in, why be haunted forever by that nagging “what if…” thought? Maybe this is the year when you get to find the recipe for success – initiative, availability and vision on your part, expertise on our part and a financial boost offered by the Romanian authorities.

Contact us through any means that are most comfortable for you and let’s start “cooking” a collaborative success story. Your success story!

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