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2019 Summer Drinks

26 June 2019

Granita or frappe will peobably never become out of fashion. Neither will the classic cocktails such as: mojito, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, margarita, pina colada, daquiri, hugo etc. They are all fresh, delicious, cooling and everybody knows their all-time favorite. But looking at the bigger picture, it would seem that there is a bit of a „trend” when […]

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Shakes and Smoothies

1 August 2018

More and more people are increasingly drawn to the healthy lifestyle options so there’s also an increasing demand for large doses of vitamins, natural energy boosters, light foods, detox blends and so on. Basically, if it’s a healthy, nutritious, delicious drink and (ideally) you can take it to go, there’s plenty of demand on the […]

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