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Omul și vinul

28 August 2019

E clar că ne place vinul. Parcă din ce în ce mai mult. Nu neapărat cantitativ, dar cu siguranță suntem mai dornici ca niciodată să experimentăm cu licori bahice de peste mări și țări. Și sigur că această deschidere este posibilă grație unui cumul de factori unic în secolul XXI. Însă, v-ați întrebat vreodată când […]

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The Lovely Wines of California

8 May 2016

Since we recently talked about wines that come from outside Europe, we thought we’d also mention Californian ones. Just as the wines of New Zealand, they are rapidly becoming more and more popular. To be honest, this particular American state deserves his notoriety since it would be the world’s 4th largest wine producer (if it […]

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The ABC of the Exotic Sushi

25 April 2016

A lot of people think of raw fish when they think about sushi, but that’s not really a correct assumption. In fact, sushi is, basically, rice – a certain type of rice with added vinegar to be more precise. It is true, rice is hand pressed into little mounds that are then enriched with all […]

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