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About Thoroughly Made Pizza

12 December 2016

Since we already got to write about some pizza fun facts, it’s time to look back at serious aspects as well, since making a pizza can actually be a form of art, with rituals, traditions and clear steps. For instance, in the “home town” of the pizza pie, Naples, the cooks are part of genuine […]

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A Short History of Pancakes

11 September 2015

Crepes might just be among the most beloved desserts in the world and we all understand why. Really, do you know anyone who actually doesn’t love the wonderful pancakes? In fact, it seems that our love of pancakes exists for thousands of years, although it’s true that in the beginning they weren’t quite the same […]

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The Fine Touches of Asian Cooking

10 September 2015

Asian cooking is getting more and more popular all over the world and even if in some areas or restaurants some culturally adapt the original taste (as it is obtained in its place of origin), maybe soften it a bit, in order to suit the locals’ tastes in the adoptive region, Asian food certainly has […]

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