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Tendințe pentru restaurante în 2020

18 November 2019

Fie că vorbim despre un restaurant nou intrat pe piață, care își caută o nișă prin care să se remarce, sau despre restaurante cu vechime, notorietate și preparate consacrate, întotdeauna e bine să rămânem conectați la ultimele tendințe din lumea HORECA. Iar pentru anul 2020 par să se contureze câteva direcții demne de luat în […]

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2019 Summer Drinks

26 June 2019

Granita or frappe will peobably never become out of fashion. Neither will the classic cocktails such as: mojito, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, margarita, pina colada, daquiri, hugo etc. They are all fresh, delicious, cooling and everybody knows their all-time favorite. But looking at the bigger picture, it would seem that there is a bit of a „trend” when […]

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Hospitality and Sustainability

26 May 2019

Did you know tourism is responsible for approximately 5% out of all greenhouse gas emisions we produce? Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2035 the quantity of these gases will increase by 130%. And it’s no wonder – the hotel industry has grown by 2.3% in 2018 (reaching a level of revenues above €1,28 trillions); and […]

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(Română) Sărbători fericite!

20 December 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

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Professional Kitchens – Behind Closed Doors

9 October 2016

There are many things that clients don’t know and/or understand about how a professional kitchen functions. And sure, it’s debatable if it would be of any use for them to find out about them, because the relationship between a customer and a restaurant is shaped strictly by what was ordered and the quality of the […]

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Three Surprising Pieces of Advice from Chefs

16 May 2016

We’ve gotten used to great chefs talking about fine foods, rare ingredients and sharing tips with us about dishes we can barely say out loud. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to find out from time to time a little bit about the basics, because what we eat on a daily basis isn’t necessarily […]

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The ABC of the Exotic Sushi

25 April 2016

A lot of people think of raw fish when they think about sushi, but that’s not really a correct assumption. In fact, sushi is, basically, rice – a certain type of rice with added vinegar to be more precise. It is true, rice is hand pressed into little mounds that are then enriched with all […]

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Other Dangerous Foods in the World

20 March 2016

Last week we told you about the fugu fish, probably the most famous dish from menus in restaurants all over the world that also has a deadly potential. But the list of dangerous foods is way longer and it’s worth a bit more exploring, right? Jamaica is the home of the so-called „ackee”, a fruit […]

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A Short History of the Famous Michelin Guide

5 February 2016

Most of you have probably heard already about The Michelin Guide and about the fact that the world’s best restaurants and chefs are awarded Michelin Stars. But we’re assuming that for most of you this might be all you know about this topic. And who could blame you? We don’t have any Romanian restaurants listed […]

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Beluga Caviar

4 October 2015

How about you spoil yourself with some information on one of the absolute symbols of luxury, if an actual taste isn’t really an option… Yes, we are talking about caviar, Beluga caviar in particular, and we’re starting off with telling you that a single kilo of this lovely thing can usually cost up to $25,000 […]

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The Fine Touches of Asian Cooking

10 September 2015

Asian cooking is getting more and more popular all over the world and even if in some areas or restaurants some culturally adapt the original taste (as it is obtained in its place of origin), maybe soften it a bit, in order to suit the locals’ tastes in the adoptive region, Asian food certainly has […]

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Marsala – The Color of the Year in 2015 and the Wine That Is Always in Style

18 June 2015

You may already know that The Pantone Color Institute decided that Marsala is the color of the year in 2015. It is a daring color in a brownish-red shade. The reason why it earned its status is, according to the Executive Director of Pantone (Leatrice Eiseman) is: „Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding […]

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The Most Popular Fast-food Courses in the World

11 June 2015

From a nutritional perspective, fast-food is not really the best option. But it’s very likely that almost all of us occasionally sin with a little bit of something from this category. Sometimes we’re hypnotized by the smell, other times it’s simply the most convenient option, it may happen that it’s the only thing that fits […]

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The Youth Monitor and SMARK Research study of „tendencies regarding activities, preferences and consumption” among young people in Romania in 2013/2014 compared to 2014/2015

4 June 2015

We’ve already stated on different occasions that information about consumer behavior is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of (thorough) researches in this area, so every time we find data from trustworthy sources we insist on publishing it here as well, in order to help our friends in the HORECA field. So we’re adding […]

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