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Newsletter 29.09.2020 – mașină de copt creme, cuptor patiserie 10 tăvi, dospitor cu umidificare 10 tăvi, vitrină rotativă 400 litri, malaxor 30 litri, cuptor cu sistem conveior, malaxor 20 litri, mixer planetar 7 litri, mixer 20 litri, abatitor

29 September 2020

Oferte proaspete și bune ca pâinea caldă! Sau ca o plăcintă abia scoasă din cuptor. Sau ca un aluat fraged, bine copt, cu cremă din belșug. Sau ca orice altceva ar ieși din mâinile pricepute ale unui patiser talentat, asistat de echipamente profesionale. Cum ar fi: Mașină de copt creme, 7 kg – preț redus […]

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Newsletter 18.08.2020 – mini chitară pentru tăiat prăjituri, ciocolatieră, cărucior pentru tăvi patiserie, malaxor, cuptor patiserie, cuptor cu sistem de coacere de tip conveior, mixer planetar, vitrină patiserie, vitrină rotativă

18 August 2020

Din nou venim în ajutorul tău cu o serie de promoții pentru echipamente profesionale pentru patiserii și în continuare te susținem și cu cele mai bune oferte pentru finanţare de la GRENKE Leasing, valabile pentru toate produsele comercializate de noi. Oferte speciale în promoție ACUM: Mini chitară pentru tăiat prăjituri – preț redus de la […]

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Newsletter 25 iunie – cuptor patiserie, cuptor grill cu cărbuni, broiler, malaxor, mașină de paste, stand bufet, vitrină de vinuri, vitrină pentru maturarea cărnii, mixer planetar

25 June 2020

Pentru succesul afacerilor voastre din domeniul HORECA vă oferim servicii de consultanță, proiectare și parteneriat de durată, bazate pe ani de experiență și zeci de proiecte finalizate. Dar și echipamente profesionale de ultimă generație, cu prețuri promoționale. Actuala campanie de oferte speciale DACTRUST cuprinde: Cuptor pentru patiserie cu 6 tăvi, control touch-screen – preț redus […]

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If It Is Easter, Let It Be Lamb!

25 March 2019

Lamb meat is pretty much the highlight of any Easter dinner, so we thought we’d look for a couple of recipes and recommendations from some of the most popular chefs in Romania. Whether you’d like to try out something completelu new or a slightly different reinterpretation of a traditional recipe, we believe we’ve managed to […]

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Sous-vide Cooking

12 May 2018

While it is not (yet?) a method used on a large scale, the roots of sous-vide cooking are already deep in history. Sir Benjamin Thompson, one of the pioneers of thermodynamics, was the first to talk about low temperature cooking. It was in 1799, while he was experimenting with the effects of a hot air […]

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About Thoroughly Made Pizza

12 December 2016

Since we already got to write about some pizza fun facts, it’s time to look back at serious aspects as well, since making a pizza can actually be a form of art, with rituals, traditions and clear steps. For instance, in the “home town” of the pizza pie, Naples, the cooks are part of genuine […]

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Three Surprising Pieces of Advice from Chefs

16 May 2016

We’ve gotten used to great chefs talking about fine foods, rare ingredients and sharing tips with us about dishes we can barely say out loud. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to find out from time to time a little bit about the basics, because what we eat on a daily basis isn’t necessarily […]

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Masala Is Not Marsala

18 June 2015

When we researched our Marsala article we discovered that a lot of people confuse the name of the wine/color with masala, the latter being something completely different. Masala isn’t even a liquid, but at best a paste (vindaloo masala). But what is masala? Well, it’s a concept that we adopted from the Asian culture (the […]

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The Most Popular Fast-food Courses in the World

11 June 2015

From a nutritional perspective, fast-food is not really the best option. But it’s very likely that almost all of us occasionally sin with a little bit of something from this category. Sometimes we’re hypnotized by the smell, other times it’s simply the most convenient option, it may happen that it’s the only thing that fits […]

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