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Newsletter 8 iunie – grill dublu pe gaz, jumătate striat, grill electric, friteuză simplă pe gaz, friteuză dublă electrică de banc, mașină de gătit electrică plite rotunde, arzătoare și cuptor, mașină de spălat vase cu capotă coș și cu dozatoare, pompă de scurgere

9 June 2020

Nu rata cele mai mari DICOUNTuri de până acum! A fost un început de an dificil și vrem să ne arătăm susținerea printr-o campanie consistentă, cu REDUCERI masive. Profitați ACUM!* Produse în promoție: Grill dublu pe gaz, 1/2 striat – preț redus de la 1 920 EUR la 1 000 EUR Grill dublu electric, 1/2 […]

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Cum beau cafea românii?

30 November 2019

Ne bucurăm să vedem în sfârșit și un studiu bazat pe date din România, pentru că fiecare piață are specificul său cultural. Și chiar dacă studiul făcut de cei de la Reveal se bazează pe un eșantion relativ mic (1353 de participanți din mediul urban), credem că rezultatele reflectă destul de bine obiceiurile de consum […]

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Coffee Consumption in the World and in Romania

30 January 2019

A lor of people can’t imagine starting the (working) day without their coffee. In fact, with very few exceptions, pretty much everybody loves coffee. An obvious proof is the wide array of coffee shops in any city. However, for those who seek proof in cold facts and numbers, we researched a bit of information about […]

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Shakes and Smoothies

1 August 2018

More and more people are increasingly drawn to the healthy lifestyle options so there’s also an increasing demand for large doses of vitamins, natural energy boosters, light foods, detox blends and so on. Basically, if it’s a healthy, nutritious, delicious drink and (ideally) you can take it to go, there’s plenty of demand on the […]

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Top Restaurant Chains

10 July 2018

The hierarchy of restaurant chains looks quite similar for the United States’ market and the global one. Somewhat predictable, although the Asian markets might change things in the quite near future. As for the Romanian market ranking, it is probable to show its own distinctions, especially since we’re missing the Burger King giant; however, we […]

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Restaurants in the Age of Instagram

29 May 2018

Like it or not, we live in the age of social networks, and today’s uncrowned queen is Instagram. Surely you’ve seen at least once someone in a restaurant who’s food was almost getting cold while he or she was trying to capture the perfect angle of the dish they ordered. Or, who knows, maybe you […]

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The First Cafeteria in the World which only Serves Gluten-free Food

28 September 2016

You’ve probably heard about the trend of gluten-free products, although it’s fair to say that it’s a phenomena with much more spread in the United States and way less in representative in Romania (but even here it’s a must to list the presence of gluten in products and dishes, along with other allergens.) And since […]

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Could This Be the Recipe for a Successful Coffee House or Restaurant?

28 May 2016

Ce conteaza cel mai mult pentru clientii care intra in localul dumneavoastra? Probabil ca primele raspunsuri care v-ati gandi sunt calitatea serviciilor si calitatea preparatelor. Si nu v-am contrazice. Totusi, exista studii care au subliniat importanta unei serii de cinci alte elemente: curatenia, iluminatul adecvat, mirosurile din ambient, mobilierul confortabil si privelistea pe care o […]

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How to Design a Good Menu for a Restaurant

29 September 2014

Every business in the HORECA field is different. Every hotel, restaurant or café has its own special thing and expresses it in its own way. But all these businesses have something in common – their focus on the customer. That and the need for a menu that shows off what they can offer their to […]

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