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The Latest Trend in the World of Coffee Lovers – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Did you know that each and every day 2,25 billion coffees are consumed throughout the world? Even you might be contributing more or less to these impressive numbers and it’s no wonder we see more and more coffee shops around. It’s just that – clearly – coffee is no longer only about the utilitarian shot of cafeine. Consumers, especially the ones in the younger generation want something more. Often, they search for an experience itself, a certain taste, a creative twist. And this demand supports supply. An increasingly competitive one.

However, even though there already are out there plenty of coffee based drinks – cold, hot, with milk, with foam, with cream – and they also benefit from interesting add-ons (starting from flavours and syrups and all the way to chocolate candies and biscuits integrate in the concept and design of the coffee drink), some people still wanted more. And this is how the nitro coffee came to life.

It is basically a cold brew coffee enriched with… Nitrogen. Does that sound weird? Oh well, it seems this is not necessarily a novelty, at least not among the large scale players in the beverages’ industry. And – this might be the thing that will really surprise you – it just might be that such a coffee is better and healthier than a classic. On one side it is known that the cold brewed variations have a more intense aroma due to the process itself, but nitrogen really does make a difference as well. Firtsly, the nitro infusion will change the consistency of any drink into a more dense and foamy one, but what is even more important (especially for those who are very careful about their figure) is that the nitrogen tricks our senses into perceiving sweetness, even when no sugars or sweetners are added.

So why hasn’t this been done until now, since it is already an established practice in the industry and the end result is so great? Because nitrogen isn’t as easy to mix with liquids as the good-ol’ carbon dioxyde, so packaging for mass consumption has been close to a nightmare so far. It’s not necessarily easy now either, but there are people working hard on this and you are sure to see soon enough such coffees on the market… We are looking forward to hearing what you think about them as soon as you get the chance to try them out!

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