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Romanian Tourism of 2015 in figures and details

In our most recent article we told you about the reports published online by The National Institute of Statistics and we highlighted a particular report that summarized the main aspects of tourism in Romania in 2015. Well, there is another report, a much more ample one, with a lot of nuanced conclusions about Romanian tourism. It’s definitely great news that things seem to be going in the right direction, but it’s crucial we know where we are, what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong in order to make even greater progress, and that is why we’re inviting you to read the full study – here.

But if you don’t really have enough time now to read it thoroughly, let us tell you the main conclusions and we’re hoping they’ll make you curious enough to read the rest of the valuable data as soon as you can:

  • most of the Romanian hotels are classified at the rank of 3 stars (42,5%), and next in line come the ones ranked at 4 stars (26,4%);
  • it’s probably no surprise, but the most accommodation facilities are found in the County of Constanța (13,6%), followed by Brașov County (11,6%) and the city of Bucharest (8,9%);
  • 48,9% of the Romanian tourists opted for 3 stars hotels, and 23,5% went for the 4 stars experience;
  • however, almost 70% of the foreign tourists who visited us went to 4 and 5 starred hotels;
  • most of the foreigners that come to Romania are from Germany (11,9%), Israel (9,8%) and Italy (9,5%);

If you are interested in more details, nuances or more specific areas and information, we’re insisting on you going through the results published by INS. You might notice interesting trends and it might help you adjust your strategies according to the actual behavior observed in your area of focus (for example, maybe it might help your business if you were to find out that while most tourists that visit the seaside come from Germany, the ones that check into our mountain facilities are from Israel, and they are actually almost three times as many than German ones in this particular area.

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