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Top Restaurant Chains

The hierarchy of restaurant chains looks quite similar for the United States’ market and the global one. Somewhat predictable, although the Asian markets might change things in the quite near future. As for the Romanian market ranking, it is probable to show its own distinctions, especially since we’re missing the Burger King giant; however, we did not find (public and/or recent) information about our local market. But we do know for sure how the international standings look like, thanks to Forbes.

Are you surprised to know that McDonald’s is number one? Probably not. Even though it was a difficult year for them and restaurants in the chain have closed, the company managed to temper the decline registered during the past couple of years and its sales amounted to 22.3 billion dollars, 5.4 billion in profits.

The second place belongs to Starbucks, the coffee giant obtaining even greater sales than McDonald’s, 23.5 billion, but with a smaller profit – 4.4 billion dollars.

Both hold their positions in the North-American ranking and the global one. The first difference between the two reference markets stands out at number three. In the States, it belongs to Subway, but Forbes showcases the company the owns, among others, the Burger King chain – Restaurant Brands International. In fact, Burger King is number five in the USA ranking, surpassed by Taco Bell as well.

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