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Top Chefs with the most Michelin Stars

We’ve recently written about the famous Michelin Guide and we were telling you then that the maximum acknowledgement for a restaurant are the “three Michelin Stars”. But great chefs aren’t awarded themselves any actual stars; however, they can gather as many as they can from the restaurants they run. So, if you’ve ever wondered about the best chefs in the world today, you’re about to find out.

The first place goes to Joël Robuchon, the man who was called “chef of the century” (and he definitely deserved it, him being, among other things, one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomy), who currently has 25 Michelin Stars from his restaurant in Paris, Bordeaux, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Las Vegas (the first and only three-starred restaurant in this city), London, Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. But his record stood at 28 stars at one point in his career and he might get there again since his “empire” is still expanding.

On the second place we’ll find Alain Ducasse, the man behind the Le Jules Verne restaurant, a place we also told you about quite recently, here. Of course, he too has restaurants all over the world: 14 in France (11 restaurants in Paris and 1 in Saint-Tropez), 3 in Monaco (2 in Monte Carlo), 2 in London, 2 in Tokyo, 2 in the USA (New York and Las Vegas), 1 in Hong Kong and another 1 in Doha. Ducasse was the first chef in the world who managed to get 6 Michelin Stars and he is well known for his amazing attention to details.

And our third place in this hierarchy, although at quite a distance (according to the current number of Michelin stars – 7), we’ll find a very familiar name – Gordon Ramsay. He probably deserves his own article at some point, but for now we’ll tell you that his record was once of 16 Michelin Stars and, furthermore, he’s managed to keep his restaurant in Chelsea at a three-stars rank for the last 15 years, which is truly an exceptional achievement in this area. Oh, and another interesting bit of information about him – he was mentored by the number one in our top and he’s got plenty of time to surpass him…

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