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Cele mai bune restaurante din lume – ediția 2019

22 September 2019

TripAdvisor nu dezamăgește niciodată, pentru că recenziile a milioane de utilizatori nu au cum să mintă. Și întotdeauna e o idee bună să ne uităm la vârfurile din domeniul în care activăm, să analizăm ce fac bine și să luăm măsuri adaptate. Așadar, iată la cine merită să vă uitați, conform impresiilor clienților: 5. The […]

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The Best Restaurants of the World

25 February 2019

Have you seen the latest version of the TripAdvisor ranking for the best restaurants in the world? Just like every other year, the ranking is based on ratings given by those who were there and actually experienced the services provided by the venues. The comments are worth reading, because feedback is a great way to learn and […]

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The World’s Greatest Chefs

9 August 2018

Regardless of their area, professionals always seek out to grow, and one of the most effective ways to go beyond your limits is looking at the big names in your field of choice. Thus, anyone who works in a restaurant kitchen and dreams of going up the ladder should know who are the best chefs […]

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You Can’t Have Food without Beverage

27 July 2018

Since we recently spoke about the top chain restaurants, we also found in the thorough ranking made by Forbes the top food and beverage companies. Did you happen to think of Coca-Cola for the top spot? You’d be wrong if you did. Actually, Coca-Cola is number seven and the company registered one of the biggest […]

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The most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

4 July 2018

Summer is still here but even after the sun starts to hide and the temperatures begin falling, we’ll still definitely still love ice cream. True fans don’t even stop during the winter, when snows piles up at their feet. But do you know what kind of ice cream most people go for? Well, the people at Technomic had […]

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The Best Chefs in the World

10 December 2016

The prestigious French magazine Le Chef keeps a steady eye on the whole world of gastronomy and based on their observations and expertise, the editorial staff makes every year a ranking of the best chefs in the world. This ranking reunites 100 big names in the global field of cuisine and we believe that at […]

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The Best Restaurants in the World in 2016

5 February 2016

If you want to go forward, you always have to look at the best, so we’re inviting everybody in the HORECA field to carefully look at the hotels and restaurants that truly impressed their clients and thus managed to get ranked among the best in the world in the TripAdvisor visitors’ top. We really want […]

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The Most Popular Restaurants in the World

27 September 2015

Comparing yourself to the best in your field can always be a great way to learn and, in the end, to grow. And since our activity revolves around restaurants, we thought we should look for the best restaurants in the world and see what makes them so special. Sure, it’s difficult to establish what are […]

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