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Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?

15 November 2018

In a time when people seem to be more and more focused on healthy foods, slow cooking, vegan lifestyles and, overall, anything that’s not fast-food, it seems that pizza is still strong in the preference rankings of consumers. Especially among the youngsters. This may not come as a surprise per say, but look at the […]

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About Thoroughly Made Pizza

12 December 2016

Since we already got to write about some pizza fun facts, it’s time to look back at serious aspects as well, since making a pizza can actually be a form of art, with rituals, traditions and clear steps. For instance, in the “home town” of the pizza pie, Naples, the cooks are part of genuine […]

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A Couple of Fun Facts about Pizza

12 December 2016

Do you remember when you had pizza for the first time in your life? Probably not but it is fair to assume that you enjoyed it and that you didn’t stop at that first pie. However, you may be very aware of the place you had the best pizza ever and you should know for […]

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Five Famous Restaurants Owned by Celebrities

20 September 2016

An investment, a passion or simply a guarantee for having a place where they can eat exactly what and how they desire? Who knows? Maybe it’s a bit of both or simply business, but the fact is that plenty of celebrities choose to open their own restaurants and no, putting their names on them is […]

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Five Strange World Records with Pizza

18 September 2015

We live in a mad, mad world! And it’s also a terribly competitive one, including for areas that we wouldn’t even think about… Now, really, would you have guessed that there are 43 pizza related records in The Guinness Book of World Records? And some of them could not be understood by anyone other than […]

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The Most Popular Fast-food Courses in the World

11 June 2015

From a nutritional perspective, fast-food is not really the best option. But it’s very likely that almost all of us occasionally sin with a little bit of something from this category. Sometimes we’re hypnotized by the smell, other times it’s simply the most convenient option, it may happen that it’s the only thing that fits […]

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The Youth Monitor and SMARK Research study of „tendencies regarding activities, preferences and consumption” among young people in Romania in 2013/2014 compared to 2014/2015

4 June 2015

We’ve already stated on different occasions that information about consumer behavior is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of (thorough) researches in this area, so every time we find data from trustworthy sources we insist on publishing it here as well, in order to help our friends in the HORECA field. So we’re adding […]

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