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Cooking Trends of 2018

23 April 2018

Do you remember the times when you could basically only use your fingers for counting the places where you could grab a burger, this strong exponent of the fast-food world? It hasn’t been that long but you can clearly see that this particular dish has started to dominate the menus in the last couple of […]

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Lamb Recipes for the Easter

5 April 2018

When we say Easter, we most definitely say lamb as well. And just as much of a certainty is the fact that we’re sure to find in every kitchen a special kind of cooking lamb recipes, starting with the secret blend of ingredients that make up the marinade and all the way to the balance […]

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The Best Chefs in the World

10 December 2016

The prestigious French magazine Le Chef keeps a steady eye on the whole world of gastronomy and based on their observations and expertise, the editorial staff makes every year a ranking of the best chefs in the world. This ranking reunites 100 big names in the global field of cuisine and we believe that at […]

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Three Surprising Pieces of Advice from Chefs

16 May 2016

We’ve gotten used to great chefs talking about fine foods, rare ingredients and sharing tips with us about dishes we can barely say out loud. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to find out from time to time a little bit about the basics, because what we eat on a daily basis isn’t necessarily […]

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The ABC of the Exotic Sushi

25 April 2016

A lot of people think of raw fish when they think about sushi, but that’s not really a correct assumption. In fact, sushi is, basically, rice – a certain type of rice with added vinegar to be more precise. It is true, rice is hand pressed into little mounds that are then enriched with all […]

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The most Dangerous Foods in the World – The Fugu Fish

13 March 2016

We all know that certain foods are not good for us, but now we are not talking about those courses that can affect our health on the long run or about those that could cause a certain level of discomfort, especially after a bit of an excess. There really are foods out there that can […]

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Ayam Cemani – „The Lamborghini of Poultry”

4 October 2015

While we were writing about the Beluga caviar, we thought it might be interesting to also write about other exotic animal products, and the first thing we came across in our research that really caught our eye was this Indonesian breed of chicken, known as Ayam Cemani and called by some „The Lamborghini of poultry” […]

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The ABC of Raw-Vegan Cooking

11 June 2015

Since last time we talked about fast-food, we thought we should compensate with an article on raw-vegan cooking. You probably heard about this or you might even know someone who’s always preaching about the benefits of this kind of diet and it’s true that the concept of raw has been quite a fad about this […]

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The Remarkable Story of Julia Child

16 October 2014

Julia Child is famous for bringing French cuisine to the American public and she was the one who took on this mission for more than fifty years through books and TV shows. What is truly remarkable about Julia’s story is the fact that her love for cooking wasn’t born in her childhood years and, unlike […]

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Fusion Cuisine

3 October 2014

Fusion cooking is becoming more and more popular in restaurants all over the world, although it’s not necessarily something new. Hypothetically, the 70s are considered to be the time when this style began to grow, but it’s likely that, one way or another, by that time it was already around for quite some time. And […]

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Famous Chefs – Marie-Antoine Carême

18 June 2014

Marie-Antoine Carême was probably the first true Chef. He lived between 1784 and 1833 and he cooked for the most important people of his time: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Napoleon, King George IV, Tsar Alexander I or James Mayer Rothschild. Also, Carême is famous for his books that not only include recipes and techniques of the […]

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