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Cum beau cafea românii?

30 November 2019

Ne bucurăm să vedem în sfârșit și un studiu bazat pe date din România, pentru că fiecare piață are specificul său cultural. Și chiar dacă studiul făcut de cei de la Reveal se bazează pe un eșantion relativ mic (1353 de participanți din mediul urban), credem că rezultatele reflectă destul de bine obiceiurile de consum […]

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Coffee Consumption in the World and in Romania

30 January 2019

A lor of people can’t imagine starting the (working) day without their coffee. In fact, with very few exceptions, pretty much everybody loves coffee. An obvious proof is the wide array of coffee shops in any city. However, for those who seek proof in cold facts and numbers, we researched a bit of information about […]

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The Latest Trend in the World of Coffee Lovers – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

28 June 2018

Did you know that each and every day 2,25 billion coffees are consumed throughout the world? Even you might be contributing more or less to these impressive numbers and it’s no wonder we see more and more coffee shops around. It’s just that – clearly – coffee is no longer only about the utilitarian shot […]

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Cold Coffee Variations

18 June 2018

It’s only June but summer is already in bloom, and it’s only going to get hotter… And maybe a hot cup of coffee isn’t as tempting at thirty-something degrees in the air, right? However, life without coffee isn’t much of an option, so we need to adapt. Luckily, we do have some options, some based […]

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Hospitality and ethical standards

27 March 2018

Successful businesses are those that manage to not only adapt to trends on the market, but actually look for future trends and adjust their ways very early on, according to the demands of the future wave of change. Thus, those who climb on the wave while it is still gaining momentum, have the best chances […]

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The First Edition of Bucharest Coffee Festival

8 May 2016

We are glad that we are starting to see in Romania as well an increasing interest towards quality coffee, exquisitely made. We care a lot about our professional equipment designed to make espresso and other coffee varieties in a perfect way, so that they capture the maximum amount of flavor and the best qualities of […]

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A Perfect Espresso

20 February 2016

We bet you can definitely think of someone who simply can’t function until he/she has had his/her coffee in the morning. It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee or how it was made – it can be pretty much anything, from instant coffee brought to life by boiling water to the finest Arabic flavors, obtained […]

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Fun Facts about Coffee

13 February 2016

Most of you have probably started your day off with a coffee. Maybe you’ll be drinking at least one more coffee cup today. Maybe you’re drinking it because you need it. Maybe you’re simply enjoying it because you love the flavor, or maybe it’s part of a ritual. But it’s a fact that we are […]

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The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

18 September 2015

You might find this hard to swallow, but the most expensive coffee in the world is made through a process that is… let’s just call it surprising for now and leave the bad news for the end. First of all, we’ll tell you that this very special kind of coffee is called Kopi Luwak and […]

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How Do They Make the Most Popular Coffee Varieties?

5 June 2015

A lot of us love coffee and it’s very likely that most of us have a favorite variety. It may be true that for some of us coffee, in any form, is a necessity in the morning, but the coffee we cherish in our relaxing moments is special. There are those who always go for […]

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The Youth Monitor and SMARK Research study of „tendencies regarding activities, preferences and consumption” among young people in Romania in 2013/2014 compared to 2014/2015

4 June 2015

We’ve already stated on different occasions that information about consumer behavior is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of (thorough) researches in this area, so every time we find data from trustworthy sources we insist on publishing it here as well, in order to help our friends in the HORECA field. So we’re adding […]

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