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Cum beau cafea românii?

30 November 2019

Ne bucurăm să vedem în sfârșit și un studiu bazat pe date din România, pentru că fiecare piață are specificul său cultural. Și chiar dacă studiul făcut de cei de la Reveal se bazează pe un eșantion relativ mic (1353 de participanți din mediul urban), credem că rezultatele reflectă destul de bine obiceiurile de consum […]

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The Latest Trend in the World of Coffee Lovers – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

28 June 2018

Did you know that each and every day 2,25 billion coffees are consumed throughout the world? Even you might be contributing more or less to these impressive numbers and it’s no wonder we see more and more coffee shops around. It’s just that – clearly – coffee is no longer only about the utilitarian shot […]

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Cold Coffee Variations

18 June 2018

It’s only June but summer is already in bloom, and it’s only going to get hotter… And maybe a hot cup of coffee isn’t as tempting at thirty-something degrees in the air, right? However, life without coffee isn’t much of an option, so we need to adapt. Luckily, we do have some options, some based […]

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How to Design a Good Menu for a Restaurant

29 September 2014

Every business in the HORECA field is different. Every hotel, restaurant or café has its own special thing and expresses it in its own way. But all these businesses have something in common – their focus on the customer. That and the need for a menu that shows off what they can offer their to […]

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