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The World’s Greatest Chefs

9 August 2018

Regardless of their area, professionals always seek out to grow, and one of the most effective ways to go beyond your limits is looking at the big names in your field of choice. Thus, anyone who works in a restaurant kitchen and dreams of going up the ladder should know who are the best chefs […]

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Farewell, Anthony Bourdain!

9 June 2018

It is a bitter irony and overwhelmingly sad that a man who brought so much joy to others couldn’t find his own… However, despite the fact that he chose to leave this world [way too early], the exceptional chef Anthony Bourdain will forever live on through his legacy: his dishes, his shows, his writing… Through everything […]

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Lamb Recipes for the Easter

5 April 2018

When we say Easter, we most definitely say lamb as well. And just as much of a certainty is the fact that we’re sure to find in every kitchen a special kind of cooking lamb recipes, starting with the secret blend of ingredients that make up the marinade and all the way to the balance […]

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(Română) Sărbători fericite!

20 December 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

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Cured Meats that You Need to Know

10 December 2016

We’ve written about prosciutto before but even if this is probably the most used in restaurant menus all around, we believe that anyone who works in a professional kitchen has to develop a generous amount of basic knowledge in the cooking field, so we’d like to add some more important cured meats to the list […]

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The Best Chefs in the World

10 December 2016

The prestigious French magazine Le Chef keeps a steady eye on the whole world of gastronomy and based on their observations and expertise, the editorial staff makes every year a ranking of the best chefs in the world. This ranking reunites 100 big names in the global field of cuisine and we believe that at […]

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Professional Kitchens – Behind Closed Doors

9 October 2016

There are many things that clients don’t know and/or understand about how a professional kitchen functions. And sure, it’s debatable if it would be of any use for them to find out about them, because the relationship between a customer and a restaurant is shaped strictly by what was ordered and the quality of the […]

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The Restaurants of Robert De Niro

20 September 2016

You may not necessarily know this side of him, but the famous actor is the owner of several restaurants; actually, he owns quite a few and plenty of them are actually top restaurants, famous for the finesse of their dishes and the unique quality of the ingredients and services. The first one that comes to […]

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Three Surprising Pieces of Advice from Chefs

16 May 2016

We’ve gotten used to great chefs talking about fine foods, rare ingredients and sharing tips with us about dishes we can barely say out loud. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to find out from time to time a little bit about the basics, because what we eat on a daily basis isn’t necessarily […]

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The Core of Mediterranean Cooking

27 March 2016

The flavor of a dish is influenced by a lot of factors, starting with the skills of the cook and the tools he uses and up to the boiling, baking or grilling time, the quality of the ingredients, the balance of quantities and flavors and so on. But what really makes food taste the way […]

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Other Dangerous Foods in the World

20 March 2016

Last week we told you about the fugu fish, probably the most famous dish from menus in restaurants all over the world that also has a deadly potential. But the list of dangerous foods is way longer and it’s worth a bit more exploring, right? Jamaica is the home of the so-called „ackee”, a fruit […]

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The Great Taste Awards

20 March 2016

Taste is something very personal, so flavor can definitely be up for debate. But there are certain signs that can at least guarantee that the quality of a product will be according to your expectations, and one of these signs (although virtually unknown in Romania) is the „Great Taste” label. The „Great Taste” award is […]

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The most Dangerous Foods in the World – The Fugu Fish

13 March 2016

We all know that certain foods are not good for us, but now we are not talking about those courses that can affect our health on the long run or about those that could cause a certain level of discomfort, especially after a bit of an excess. There really are foods out there that can […]

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A Short History of the Famous Michelin Guide

5 February 2016

Most of you have probably heard already about The Michelin Guide and about the fact that the world’s best restaurants and chefs are awarded Michelin Stars. But we’re assuming that for most of you this might be all you know about this topic. And who could blame you? We don’t have any Romanian restaurants listed […]

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Ayam Cemani – „The Lamborghini of Poultry”

4 October 2015

While we were writing about the Beluga caviar, we thought it might be interesting to also write about other exotic animal products, and the first thing we came across in our research that really caught our eye was this Indonesian breed of chicken, known as Ayam Cemani and called by some „The Lamborghini of poultry” […]

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Masala Is Not Marsala

18 June 2015

When we researched our Marsala article we discovered that a lot of people confuse the name of the wine/color with masala, the latter being something completely different. Masala isn’t even a liquid, but at best a paste (vindaloo masala). But what is masala? Well, it’s a concept that we adopted from the Asian culture (the […]

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Pancake Records

28 May 2015

The world pf desserts is usually a very complicated one, because most of the recipes are complex, they require precise quantities and steps and quite often they even call for true talent. However, one of the most popular desserts in the world seems to take shape from only a few basic ingredients and a couple […]

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The Remarkable Story of Julia Child

16 October 2014

Julia Child is famous for bringing French cuisine to the American public and she was the one who took on this mission for more than fifty years through books and TV shows. What is truly remarkable about Julia’s story is the fact that her love for cooking wasn’t born in her childhood years and, unlike […]

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The Most Expensive Flavors in the World

9 October 2014

Spices are the ones that truly give flavor to our food and quite often the talent of great chefs is somewhat equivalent to their ability to master and mix spices in order to emphasize some notes and enrich the dish as a whole. Luckily, today we have easy access to a wide array of spices […]

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Fusion Cuisine

3 October 2014

Fusion cooking is becoming more and more popular in restaurants all over the world, although it’s not necessarily something new. Hypothetically, the 70s are considered to be the time when this style began to grow, but it’s likely that, one way or another, by that time it was already around for quite some time. And […]

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