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The Youth Monitor and SMARK Research study of „tendencies regarding activities, preferences and consumption” among young people in Romania in 2013/2014 compared to 2014/2015

We’ve already stated on different occasions that information about consumer behavior is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of (thorough) researches in this area, so every time we find data from trustworthy sources we insist on publishing it here as well, in order to help our friends in the HORECA field.

So we’re adding new information to the study we told you about last week, information resulted from a research made by Youth Monitor (“the first research platform focused on the young people of Romania”) and supported by SMARK Research. This research focused on tendencies regarding “activities, preferences and consumption” among youngsters in Romania aged from 14 to 26 and it correlated numbers from 2014/2015 to those gathered in 2013/2014. The information obtained was the end result of a complex analysis of 5204 interviews, interviews held on a monthly bases, at national scale, with 3479 obtained between April 2013 and March 2014, and the other 1725 between April 2014 and March 2015.

The consistent samples and the complex methodology reveal interesting results that are truly representative to the observed categories, the statistical margin of error being only of +/- 1,2%. And the general conclusion that stands out from the research report is that the Romanian youngsters experiences a year of recession and spent less. Although the decrease in expenses were minor, they were systematic, even for going out. and these decreases were “comparatively bigger among teenagers” (the segment aged from 14 to 17).

Thus, one of the main conclusions for the HORECA players on the market is that “fewer young people spend offline on terraces, in bars and discos, at live concerts”. However, “3 out of 4 youngsters regularly drink carbonated beverages, more than those who drink fruit juices or energizing drinks”, and “42% of all the young people over 18 smoke”.

But the news isn’t all bad, because, for example, beer still remains quite popular and is “on a slightly ascending trend (approximately 50% of all youngsters older than 18)”. Also, “alcoholic beverages see increases in all categories observed in the study: beer, vodka, whiskey or liquors”. And coffee too had “an ascending evolution in this group, reaching an incidence of 58%”.

Surely not least, we find it important to mention that the preference for fast-food also “sees a slightly ascending trend, with an incidence of 67% in 2014/2015, remaining a cheap and tasty solution for the young folks”.

Considering all of the above, it seems that investing in equipment for fast-food, pizza and pastry or coffee machines are safe bets.

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