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Cold Coffee Variations

It’s only June but summer is already in bloom, and it’s only going to get hotter… And maybe a hot cup of coffee isn’t as tempting at thirty-something degrees in the air, right? However, life without coffee isn’t much of an option, so we need to adapt. Luckily, we do have some options, some based on espresso, others on filtered coffee or even instant coffee. On top of that – magic, milk, ice…

The most famous version of cold coffee has to be frappe, which basically means instant coffee, a bit of milk, a dash of sugar (or more, or none at all, depending on each person’s desire) and plenty of ice. We should show our gratitude for this particular delight to a creative Greek; by the way, could you believe the world has been enjoying its frappes only for about 60 years? In 1956, Dimitrios Vakondios was attending a fait in Thessaloniki and since he couldn’t find hot water for his cofee, he opted for milk. Meanwhile, people have enriched the frappe with cream, ice cream, syrups and other toppings, but its core is always the same.

Cappuccino is starting to be more and more frequent in the menus of restaurants, coffee-shops, bars and terraces, and the difference between the summer edition and the classical cappuccino is the cold milk froth, and possibly some crushed ice. By the way, the cappuccino was invented by Venetian monks in the 17th century; they were trying to tone down a bit the classical Turkish coffee, so they added to it a bit of milk and honey. The colour of this new drink resembled that of the clothes worn by Capuchin monks and the name stuck.

But for those who still need to drink their coffees strong, there’s also the espresso freddo – pure coffe in a medium sized glass, with plenty of ice (crushed is better) and maybe a thin layer of cold milk froth, all sweetend according to taste. And let us not forget that we need to thank Luigi Bezzera for the invention of espresso.

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