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Shakes and Smoothies

More and more people are increasingly drawn to the healthy lifestyle options so there’s also an increasing demand for large doses of vitamins, natural energy boosters, light foods, detox blends and so on. Basically, if it’s a healthy, nutritious, delicious drink and (ideally) you can take it to go, there’s plenty of demand on the market for it! And if you’ll follow the latest trends, there’s a high chance you’ll keep selling products from this particular category.

So, whether you’re considering a business dedicated to the niche or you’re simply adding to the menu a shakes and smoothies sections, keep this recommendation in mind, and also the following tips:

  1. mixes made of seasinal fruit and/or veggies or at least seasonal add-ons to classics. Freshness is fundamental to this category! As for the rest, you’re free to get creative and maybe you’ll even manage to create a surprising blend that puts you on the map.
  2. highlight the nutritional aspects (rich in antioxidants, contains probiotics, helps with purifying, etc.). Of course, the taste makes it or breaks it in the end, but let’s not forget what motivates most the faithful fans of this niche.
  3. a bit of fizz tickles a lot of people. Although we’re parting ways with unhealthy sodas, the bubbly drinks are still loveable, so don’t be shy about playing arround with fizzy water and natural sweetners, flavours, and add-ons.
  4. lactose-free alternatives for milk. Soy, almond, coconut milk… even the new kid on the block – oat milk. Do dare, customers are much braver than you think!
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