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Lamb Recipes for the Easter

When we say Easter, we most definitely say lamb as well. And just as much of a certainty is the fact that we’re sure to find in every kitchen a special kind of cooking lamb recipes, starting with the secret blend of ingredients that make up the marinade and all the way to the balance of spices that will perfect the roast. But what would you say if we were to enrich the tradition a bit with a touch of creative notes?

We thought it might be worth it to experiment with new flavors, so we searched for a couple of recipes that, who knows, maybe will end up added in your own repertoir of traditions for the Easters that are yet to come. Don’t worry, we’ll start slow, with one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes, a recipe that doesn’t necessarily stray so much from the good ol’ tradition, but one that is sure to give a special flavor due to the richness of the minth that the famous chef encourages us to use for the meat.

We’ll continue with something that is (maybe?) a bit more exotic – rosemary and grapes lamb chops – a delicious alternative for those who like a dash of sweet contrast, one that often enhances all the other flavours.

And we’re really finishing in style, with a crown (in the most literal of senses) made of exquisitely cooked racks of lamb. The end result will be quite amazing and it’s not as difficult to achieve as you might think, but anyway we’ve chosen a source that thoroughly details the required steps. Furthermore, you’re sure to find pretty good tips to be considered on all occasions when cooking lamb.

As for the rest, you basically have unlimited options. The beauty of cooking is precisely in the freedom of expression and we’d really like to read in the comments how you enjoy expressing yourselves when it comes to cooking lamb and other Easter delicacies.

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