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The Restaurants of Robert De Niro

You may not necessarily know this side of him, but the famous actor is the owner of several restaurants; actually, he owns quite a few and plenty of them are actually top restaurants, famous for the finesse of their dishes and the unique quality of the ingredients and services.

The first one that comes to mind is Tribeca Grill, a restaurant in New York that manages year after year to included among the best restaurants owned by celebrities but also among those with the best wines in New York. It’s really no wonder considering the wine menu they’re offering to clients – distinguished, full of variety and complex.

Then it’s easy to remember Locanda Verde, a “neighborhood” Italian restaurant (although the standards for this category in the upscale areas of New York might be slightly different from the first association you’d be tempted to make with this concept). This might be the place with the most relaxed atmosphere in De Niro’s portfolio and it requires no special dress-code and no previous reservation (these can be made but the restaurant holds every day a sufficient number of seats for walk-in clients). Still, considering that the dishes are prepared under the supervision of a chef (Andre Carmellini, co-owner), surely the “Italian tavern” has a certain degree of sophistication (by the way, their wine list is also worth checking out).

But we’ve kept the best for last – the NOBU chain, a truly remarkable partnership with a famous chef: Nobu Matsuhisa, an expert in fusion cuisine (especially when it comes to blending traditional Japanese dishes and Peruvian ingredients). The chain celebrated in 2015 20 years of existence and we have to say that this luxury brand is present everywhere around the world through 22 restaurants in Europe (Budapest, Milan, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Crocus and 2 in London), The United States (New York – 2, Dallas, Malibu, San Diego, Las Vegas – 2, Los Angeles, Miami, Waikiki, Lana’I), Asia and the Pacific area (Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Perth, Tokyo), Mexico and The Caribbean (Bahamas, Mexico City, Polanco), and in the Middle East and Africa (Cape Town, Dubai, Doha).

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