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Restaurants in the Age of Instagram

Like it or not, we live in the age of social networks, and today’s uncrowned queen is Instagram. Surely you’ve seen at least once someone in a restaurant who’s food was almost getting cold while he or she was trying to capture the perfect angle of the dish they ordered. Or, who knows, maybe you as well are guilty of this? The fact is that this phenomena is as real as it can be and the owners of restaurants, coffee shops, terraces and other businesses in the hospitality industry have everything to gain from adapting to the trend.

But what does this actually mean? Well, aside from the special attention given to the plating, something that was always important anyway, just as the courage of putting in the menu creative dishes (or at least creative reinterpretation of some classics), there are actual design elements in the restaurants that can favour and even encourage photographic posts among the clients. And why not? It can be a non-expensive, but very efficient promotional method for a business dedicated to serving others.

The good news is that any distinctive element can make you famous [fast] on Instagram and on other social nrtworks. It can be anything from cutlery, furniture, accessories, theme, decorative accessories. Anything at all! Even (or especially?) stuff in the bathrooms that are already famous for the selfies. But there is even more than can be done; for example, lighting that favours photography, panels or areas especially designed for [group] photos, color schemes that pop out, or even providing some special picture items for the funky photo enthusiasts.

Ideally, the ambiance itself should make the clients want to share their experiences there with all the other contacts in their social networks. This would be thet signal that would confirm that the space really is “Instagram friendly,” which should lead to an organic growth. And maybe at its core this isn’t necessarily nw to the hospitality industry… Word always gets around about restaurants and coffee shops with a special something – but now word can get around way faster and it can get way further!

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