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The First Edition of Bucharest Coffee Festival

We are glad that we are starting to see in Romania as well an increasing interest towards quality coffee, exquisitely made. We care a lot about our professional equipment designed to make espresso and other coffee varieties in a perfect way, so that they capture the maximum amount of flavor and the best qualities of the coffee. Thus, we truly salute any initiative dedicated to coffee, especially when it shows genuine respect to it. And a great piece of evidence supporting the popularity of good coffee is the spread of events with and about coffee, with tastings, shows, latte-art and so on.

Well, between the 5th and the 8th of May Romanians had the opportunity to visit the first edition of The Bucharest Coffee Festival, an event that hopes to become a notable one, just as those that already have a tradition in other capitals of the world (London, New York, Istanbul). These couple of days filled with trainings, workshops, contests, tastings and so on were open to the general public, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, in the București and Atena venues. Access was free of charge and the show was guaranteed by the professionals exhibiting their skills in the art of coffee.

In fact, during this very event there was also the 2016 edition of the National Barista and Brew Competition, and the winners did more than getting a good round of applause, prizes and local recognition – they will actually be representing Romania at the World Championship in Dublin, organized between the 22nd and the 25th of June.

We really like to think of this as actually being the first edition out of a long line of successful events as such. Those who are passionate about coffee deserve to understand the importance of the process involved in making a truly good coffee, whether they’re fans of a dark espresso, the flavor of a filter or anything else. Also, we’d love to see an increasing interest in the aesthetics of coffee; we know for a fact that we have very talented people in Romania that could definitely create art in a coffee cup.

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