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Sous-vide Cooking

While it is not (yet?) a method used on a large scale, the roots of sous-vide cooking are already deep in history. Sir Benjamin Thompson, one of the pioneers of thermodynamics, was the first to talk about low temperature cooking. It was in 1799, while he was experimenting with the effects of a hot air flow on meat, using an oven that he had created himself for dehydrating potatoes. Thus, he discovered that his method did not just turn meat in an edible dish, but in one that was „perfectly done.”

Then, in the 1960s, the American and French engineers discovered that foods cooked under pressure had superior flavors and textures, so they used such procedures for the industrial preserving foods. In 1974, George Pralus used this concept in his restaurant – Troisgros – and he quickly noticed that when he was making foie-gras in this way the final dish kept its color and had an improved texture. Also in the 1970s, independent from the work of Pralus, Bruno Goussault, a scientist working in the food industry, studied as well the effects of temperature on foods of all sorts and he was the one who actually paired into one concept the practices of cooking in an airtight environment and pressure cooking. It is no wonder that the two pioneers, Pralus and Goussault, ended up working together.

Indeed, the sous-vide method is part of the „slow cooking” family. In essence it is about separating the food from the heating environment by placing them in a special plastic pouch and (partially or completely) taking out the air in it, and afterwards placing it in water or steam, at a precisely regulated temperature, for extended periods of time. Temperatures usually range between 55 and 60 Celsius degrees and the cooking time is roughly between one and seven hours (although at times it can even pe 48 hours); the end goal is properly cooking the inside without overcooking the outside, while keeping the moisture.

We are aware that we’ve even passed the century of speed, but a dish that is richer in flavor, better in taste and healthier deserves the patience of a sous-vide cooker. You will find everything you need here.

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