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Maybe You’d Like Some Hamburger Records

The pizza records from last week kind of made us hungry for more monumental foods. Because getting into The Guinness Book of Records is about glamour, show, performance and, usually, a community. Food does bring us together in all sorts of occasions, but if we were to look at it from a record stand point, well, we’re definitely not talking only about pizza or anything else in the cook-book, but about extreme numbers and crazy ideas.

So let’s investigate some of the great successes that involved… Hamburgers.

The world’s biggest hamburger weighed 913.54 kg and had 23.81 kg tomatoes, 22.68 kg salad, 27.22 kg onions, 8.62 kg pickles, 18.14 kg American cheese and 7.48 kg bacon. The record was achieved in 2012, of course, in USA.

OK, it almost weighs a metric ton, but you might say it was just made for show. But you might be srprized to find out that the biggest hamburger that you can actually order (if you call 48 hours in advance) weighs no less than 350 kg (352,44 kg to be more precise). This record, set in 2011 (also in USA) is actually a double one, because this hamburger is also the most expensive in the world, costing 5,000$.

At a price like that we should probably stick to smaller hamburgers. By the way, how many do you think one could eat in one minute? In 3 minutes? Sure, there’s no time for enjoying the taste, but high achievement calls for sacrifices and it can’t be easy to eat 4 burgers in one minute, even though Peter Czerwinski, the Canadian who managed to do this in 2013 is living proof that it can be done. It’s also interesting that the ratio seems to stay in place even if you increase the time – for example, the record for 3 minutes is 12 hamburgers and it belongs (since 2014) to a Japonese man – Takeru Kobayashi.

And now, in the end, if maybe we’ve tickled your appetite, we’re inviting you to really think about this. You might need it… Who knows, maybe you’ll be setting a new record? 🙂

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