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The Oldest Hotel in the World

No matter what country we look at or what activity field we’d take as example, we’re likely to discover that today it’s very hard for a new business to stay alive on the market and the percentage of companies who die during their first year of activity is huge. Sure, it’s tempting to say that this is because of the high pressure put on by the fierce competition, and when we look at the brands who made it so far we’re too quick to judge them as having had a huge advantage in being established in a time when things were probably calmer. But other than the fact that this is not necessarily true, keep in mind that it’s also a huge challenge to keep up with changes and constantly reinventing yourself to stay on trend, but in the meantime to keep holding on to that core that ensured your success up to that point.

Such an outcome seems even more difficult in the hospitality area, since success is the end result of a considerable amount of factors, many of which standing in the details and a lot of them related to services, a highly subjective aspect.

Still, long-term success is possible and the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan hotel in Kyoto, Japan is the amazing and clear proof. It might be hard for you to believe it, but this hotel has been in existence for more than 1 300 years already. Yes, you read that properly – one thousand and three hundred years! Fujiwara Mahito was the one who established this place in 705 AD and the inn of that time is already at its 52nd generation of owners. The hotel of the present is ranked as a four star hotel, which obviously means that its owners kept working on maintaining high quality and comfort standards, appropriate for today’s requirements, but in the same time they also kept the specific Japanese hospitable elements, the authentic traditional feel and cultivated its historical fiber.

We hoped we peaked your curiosity because it’s surely worth a thorough case study and we believe that all those dedicated to the HORECA field could learn plenty from this living legend.

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