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Oktoberfest 2016

At this point, the idea of “Oktoberfest” probably doesn’t need much introduction and we are pretty sure that you instantly associate the concept with beer, Germany, blonde waiters wearing traditional German attires while carrying an impressive number of beer pints. It is definitely an experience worth seeing first hand, although in the past couple of years it seems that the concept started to “migrate” towards new lands as well (including Romania, in Brașov County), to the delight of beer lovers everywhere.

But the genuine Oktoberfest is unique and it just so happens that 183rd edition of the beer festival just ended. The event managed to gather between the 17th of September and the 3rd of October almost 5.6 million people in Munich (people who certainly were more than idle spectators). Yes, you read that number right! And in 2016 there were actually 300 000 people less than in 2015 (which also reflected in consumption, that was lower with an estimate of 12-15%, both for drinks and food).

Either way, it’s a fact that this was a moment much anticipated by a lot of people. And it is worth mentioning that Oktoberfest isn’t only about beer. Sure, it has a lot to do with the beverage itself, but it is way more than a massive collection of tents and tables where people simple drink beer. The event as a whole includes a series of traditional elements, starting with traditional costumes parades in Munich to concerts of the brass-bands in Bavaria; also, there are symbolic moments throughout the happening, such as: tapping of the first barrel of beer (the mayor’s prerogative, in the Schottenhamel Tent), a religious ceremony and a gun-salute on the steps of the Bavaria monument.

Furthermore, even though it might sound weird for a celebration of beer, the event is also family oriented (for example two of the days are specifically tagged as Family Days, with lower fares for all performances and rides).

Thus, Oktoberfest sounds pretty good and even if the 2016 edition ended, you can already start making plans for Oktoberfest 2017, event which will take place during the same time frame – between the 16th of September and the 3rd of October.

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