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It’s Not Only About Food

For great dishes you already know that we’ve got all you need, but no matter how perfectly even the oven is baking, no matter how well you’re preserving the ingredients or how talented your chef is, a business in the field of hospitality is based on a whole set of services, with big and small details of all sorts. So it’s critical that you make sure that, aside from using exquisite raw materials and professional equipment able to deliver excellent results, the clients – and their satisfaction – has to be the main focus of a hospitality business.

And this success isn’t really as hard to get as you might think, because the secret to it has a simple recipe: respect, attention and personalization. Sure, making these three part of reality, put in actions and behavior isn’t easy.

However, there are small things you can do in order to make your clients appreciate on another level the engagement with your restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, etc. For example, when it comes to respect, this can be shown in things like greeting clients as soon as they come in, handling reservations correctly, not making people wait, and the old-fashioned polite manners. In fact, respect tends to be there in the first place – you just have to not lose it.

Attention is first of all about active listening and it can be signaled through pretty much any act, from taking and serving the orders properly or immediately taking care of problems to offering extra facilities that don’t take much effort and/or costs (like free Wi-Fi access).

As for personalizing services (or better yet the ability of making the client feel that the service has been adapted to his needs) can also be done at a minimal cost. Perhaps this is the highest form of respect and attention and it can be done easier than you think – maybe you catch the detail of a celebration during the phone call made for the reservation, which gives you the opportunity to congratulate the client before his meal or even offering him/her some sort of gift; maybe you notice a specific element on a particular client and you make an adapted recommendation out of the menu and so on.

And for everything else there are always professional tools from DACTRUST 🙂

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