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You Can’t Have Food without Beverage

Since we recently spoke about the top chain restaurants, we also found in the thorough ranking made by Forbes the top food and beverage companies.

Did you happen to think of Coca-Cola for the top spot? You’d be wrong if you did. Actually, Coca-Cola is number seven and the company registered one of the biggest stepbacks in the entire hierarchy (from #86, their position in 2017 in Forbes Global 2000, to #209 in 2018). It is true, though, that we are talking about the food&beverages sector and the Coca-Cola portfolio is virtually void of foods.

Anyway, according to the numbers, the first place went to Anheuser-Busch, after they managed to climb 85 whole steps since last year! Are you not familiar with this name? Let’s just say that they specialize in beer and some of their reference brands are: Becks, Budweiser, Leffe and Stella Artois. These, along with another few dozens of beverage brands owned by them, gathered in the past year sales amounting to 56 billion dollars, out of which 7,9 billions were profit.

It is interesting that they managed to get ahead of Nestle. Although they got 91 billions in sales, same as last year, the company took 14 steps back in the ranking (all the way to 48, out of 2000), because their profit margin fell to 7.3 billion, this 1.3 billion less than the previous year.

Then, on the third position we’ll find Pepsico, with sales adding up to 64 billion dollar and 4.9 billion profit. However, especially on the food niches, Pepsico is in full remodelling, trying to go more and more towards healthy foods.

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