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Hospitality and Sustainability

Did you know tourism is responsible for approximately 5% out of all greenhouse gas emisions we produce? Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2035 the quantity of these gases will increase by 130%. And it’s no wonder – the hotel industry has grown by 2.3% in 2018 (reaching a level of revenues above €1,28 trillions); and if the current trend holds up, we’ll have another 80 000 hotels on the international market by 2050.

Of course, we are very happy that the world of hospitality is on the rise, but in order for the hotel industry to be able to commit to the Paris Agreement (the United Nations’ convention on climate change) that was ratified in 2016 it seems that it would take a decrease of gas emissions by roughly 90% / per hotel room / per year by 2050. What could be done?

  • decreasing food waste (for example, by working with local suppliers)
  • minimizing water waste (for instance, by using modern showering systems that filter water)
  • getting rid of plastic (starting with single-use items, plastic water bottles or plastic bags)
  • conserving energy resources (and a decrease on this particular category of costs would also be a subsequent benefit)
  • giving up paper (electronice management systems available these days actually facilitate operations and even enhance the guests’ experience)
  • for new properties there are also plenty of solutions that can be integrated on an architectural level, all for significantly decreasing waste of all sorts).

Of course, besides all of these it’s also important to actively encourage behaviors that support this mentality of sustainability (starting with the more and more frequent suggestion for guests to use their towels for more than one day to replacing the coffee machines and mini-fridges in each room with machines that can be used in a single shared space). Mindset is the one that really needs to change in order to support this whole proces and the first step is always awareness.

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