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Le Jules Verne – Maybe the most Romantic Restaurant in the World?

In Romania, some people celebrate Valentine’s Day, others insist on the national version – Dragobetele – and maybe a few actually manage to celebrate love every day. Well, no matter where you fit in the categories above, we know that romance tends to be associated with romantic dinners, so it’s always a good idea to know where you could find a romantic restaurant. That is exactly what we had in mind when we searched for a couple of very special options. However, out of everything we managed to find, one of them truly distinguished itself from all the others.

Alain Ducasse’s restaurant – Le Jules Verne – is the one that really caught our eye. The Great Chef owns, among others, the restaurant inside the Athéné Palace Hotel in Paris, on of the only two restaurants that managed to get in 2016 the best rating in the Michelin Guide. Thus, relying on such a name, you’re sure to have a memorable experience at the Le Jules Verne. But we didn’t mention this restaurant based only on the owner’s reputation, although it is worth noting that this restaurant as well is in the Michelin Guide (for the moment ranked with only one star, but even this is far from being a small achievement).

The truth is that the most impressive thing about Le Jules Verne is that the sublime culinary experience will be exquisitely completed by a stunning view. Not only is this restaurant in Paris (the city considered by most as being the most romantic in the world), but it is actually inside The Eiffel Tower, the absolute symbol of Paris (and maybe even the absolute symbol of romance?). You can find it somewhere in the South Pillar, at the second floor, above the second viewing platform. So, at a height of 410 ft, those who are willing to pay more than 100 EUR for a meal, leave the tourist crowd behind and go up to the restaurant through a private glass elevator. Once they enter the restaurant, itself having glass walls, the experience probably becomes difficult to put into words…

Either way, even if we gave you a good tip or we simply instigated daydreaming, remember the name. It’s definitely worth a visit. Until then, enjoy romance, anywhere and any time you manage to create it!

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