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The Gault Millau Guide – Available Soon in Romania as Well

There are probably few those who are not familiar at all with the name of the Michelin Guide and its underlying concept – the Michelin stars. Even we wrote about this particular topic a couple of times on this very blog (if you’re interested in reading [again] a brief history of the Michelin Guide, you can access our story right here). However, even though it is the most famous one, it is far from being the only thorough collection of recommendations for special restaurants – and we’re not even talking about the dedicated online platforms, where we can see opinions that are as raw as they get.

So since we heard that soon (14th of May 2018) we’ll be able to enjoy our very own Romanian edition, we decided to introduce you to another famous guide – Gault Millau. Indeed, its story began decades after the birth of the Michelin Guide, but it’s already been more than half of a century since the first edition of the Gault Millau Guide.

In 1965, two restaurant critics, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, were starting this culinary-editorial project. The ratings for the restaurants are made on a scale of 1 to 20, solely considering the quality of the food, although there are added comments about the services, the ambiance and so on. Obviously, these assessments can not be considered fully objective (nothing in the world of gastronomy can hope for a complete lack of subjectivity), but it is fact that the entries are not financially influenced; in other words, in order to be listed here the restaurant really has to deserve it, since nobody can pay for access to this exclusive selection. Actually, speaking of selection, there are two more aspects worth mentioning: the restaurants that get less than 10 points are often not listed and a 20 is almost impossible to reach. In fact, up to 2004 no restaurant had ever gotten this ranking, mostly because of a strong belief in the fact that perfection can not be reached by mortals; nevertheless, Chef Marc Veyrat managed to get 20/20 and he actually managed this for both of his restaurants. How did he do it? Well, some would say that standards have dropped, but even so, he still left his mark in history.

And we are very eager to find out what restaurants we’ll be discovering in the Romanian edition, especially since this guide, unlike the more classic Michelin, is quite open to novelty cuisine!

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