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Generation Y and alcoholic beverages consumption

One of the key aspects behind a successful business is knowing and understanding your target. And each audience category is quite different from the other and since it’s quite a waste of money to try to learn by trial and error, we should take advantage of every study released on the market that helps us find out more about our clients and their needs.

For instance, one of the freshest researches we found in Romania is about the consumption of alcoholic beverages among the members of Generation Y. The data is even more valuable since we don’t really know a lot about the young people in their twenties and this segment can be very significant for the product we are talking about.

So we believe that our friends in the HORECA field should be happy to find out that more than half of the youngsters go out at least once a month (56%), and most of them seem to go for cafes (48%). Bars are frequented by approximately a third of them (33%) and even less go to clubs (19%).

What do they drink? 51% of them choose spirits and of all spirits they seem to be very fond of: vodka (91%), whiskey (86%) and tequila (80%). But a lot of them also go for liquor (78%), gin (71%) or rum (67%). As for the brand, Jack Daniel’s seems to be, by far, the most popular – it is known by 96% of the young folks, it is served by 41% of them and it’s regularly ordered by 16%; the next brand in line according to consumption is Absolut, preferred by only 33%, regularly ordered by 14% and recognized by 90% of all respondents. However, only 16% drink spirits as they are, the rest of the youngsters rather choosing to mix them with fruit juice (31%), drink them as cocktails (19%) or enjoy them with ice (13%).

Why do they drink? Most of them seem to be social drinkers (68% drinking alcohol at important social events, while only 10% drink at home, alone). So it’s no wonder that a quarter of them drink at least once a month and only about 5% drink spirits every week. Most members of Generation Y drink at parties (62%), on weekend evenings (Friday and Saturday, 57%) and at gatherings with friends at home (56%).

How do they decide what to drink? Despite the fact that the budget they plan for drinks when going out is only about 91 RON (and most tend to pay under 100 RON – 74%, 41% even below 50 RON), 75.5% of the young adults questioned claim that flavor is the decision maker. Price only comes next (although we have to say that more than half, 56%, take this into consideration as well). Unfortunately for bar, pub, club etc. owners, special offers only influence about a quarter of the youngsters (26%) and the bartender’s recommendations even less (15%).

Now you know more about “Generation Y” and information is extremely valuable. We hope you’ll manage to attract more of the youngsters from here on and don’t forget that we’re here for you no matter what kind of HORECA professional equipment you may need.

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