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Five Famous Restaurants Owned by Celebrities

An investment, a passion or simply a guarantee for having a place where they can eat exactly what and how they desire? Who knows? Maybe it’s a bit of both or simply business, but the fact is that plenty of celebrities choose to open their own restaurants and no, putting their names on them is not a must. In fact, few meet this naming criteria and it’s not that the right people don’t know the actual name of the owner but the five restaurants listed below really did win their fame through the quality of their services and the dishes they serve. So, without any particular order, meet:

  1. Do Hwa – Quentin Tarantino’s restaurant in New York – a place based on Korean foods and characterized by the same unique creativity you’d expect from the famous director;
  2. Bedford Post Inn – the property of charming Richard Gere – a quiet place in the Northern area of the state of NY, with elegant accommodation facilities and the host of two restaurants: The Barn, a more relaxed hangout, and Campagna, a place of refinement, specialized in the finest Italian delicacies;
  3. Joanne Trattoria – an Italian restaurant with a cozy feel, owned by Lady Gaga and well known in the Upper West side of New York for the quality of their services but also for their rich in meat foods and the pasta/pizza category.
  4. Michael Jordan’s Steak House – owned, of course, by the NBA star Michael Jordan, is a restaurant specialized in stakes of the finest cuts, seasoned by classic garnishes; this place is also famous for its special architecture, due to its positioning – you can find it in The Grand Central Station of New York.
  5. Planet Hollywood – is not owned by one celebrity but three big names in the movie industry: Arnold Schwazenegger, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stalone. It’s not necessarily faous for its fine cuisine, but the special atmosphere, with a strong 90s feel recommends it as a restaurant worth visiting.
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