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The First Cafeteria in the World which only Serves Gluten-free Food

You’ve probably heard about the trend of gluten-free products, although it’s fair to say that it’s a phenomena with much more spread in the United States and way less in representative in Romania (but even here it’s a must to list the presence of gluten in products and dishes, along with other allergens.)

And since we can’t really tell how much you know about this subject we’ll start by mentioning that this “intolerance to gluten” is in fact a real disorder: the Coeliac syndrome (if you’d like to read more on this autoimmune disease you can find plenty of information here.) It’s also just as real that approximately three million Americans suffer from this, but it has to be said that in addition to this there has been created a pretty artificial trend around this issue. Basically, some of the most vocal advocates of the gluten-free diet are so loud not because it would harm them, but because it’s trendy to eat stuff without gluten in it.

Still, everybody gets to make their own choices when it comes to what they eat but from a hospitality expert’s point of view we probably should take into account any preference that gains so much terrain. By the way, did you ever consider including in your menus alternatives for those who can not/choose not to eat gluten? Maybe it’s worth thinking about this option…

Otherwise, in the United States there is already a campus cafeteria that only serves gluten-free products and foods – Prentice Cafe. Is this too much? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is that this is a real thing and you can find it in the campus of Kent State University and it is estimated that it will feed 800 student every day. As for the reason behind the initiative, the officials put it like this: “students have enough to worry about – they should not have to worry about their food being safe to eat”. Furthermore, this place also has vegetarian and vegan menus so the association with these (also trends that feel a bit artificial) kind of make us think that a restaurant that is so narrowly specialize isn’t quite a necessity (even less in Romania); although, if we’re honest, the population served by this cafeteria is probably the most likely demographic to adhere to such a “fashion”.

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