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Farewell, Anthony Bourdain!

It is a bitter irony and overwhelmingly sad that a man who brought so much joy to others couldn’t find his own… However, despite the fact that he chose to leave this world [way too early], the exceptional chef Anthony Bourdain will forever live on through his legacy: his dishes, his shows, his writing… Through everything he’s ever written, filmed or cooked.

His writing career began in 1999, with an essay he published in The New Yorker. Titled “Don’t Eat Befor Reading This,” he gave away some of the best kept secrets from the backstage of professional kitchens in high-end restaurants, offering people advice on stuff they should avoid (for example, that a fish dish ordered on a Monday evening is quite likely to have been cooked with a fish that was freshly delivered on Friday morning). In fact, his massive celebrity was thoroughly built on the concept of “telling the truth” and the best evidence still stands in writing – his best-selling memoir from 2000 – Kitchen Confidential. And everything that came next, including the TV shows he was involved in (“A Cook’s Tour” on the Food Network, “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel and CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” a show that he was in fact still working on), showcased precisely this mission of his for telling uncomfortable truths, especially from the glamurous world of fancy restaurants.

But surely he couldn’t have had the impact he had in all of these endeavours if he wouldn’t had been, first and foremost, an amazing chef, an exquisite professional cook, an artist versed in the culinary arts. It seems that “Tony’s” love for cooking was kindled in his youth, during a trip with his family in France, once he first tasted an oyster, on a fisherman’s boat. In 1978 he graduated from The Culinary Institute of America and during the two decades that came after he kept going up towards the peakd of the industry, managing to get all the way to the top, in some of the most prestigious high-end restaurants in Manhattan. The rest is history…

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