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Professional Kitchens – Behind Closed Doors

There are many things that clients don’t know and/or understand about how a professional kitchen functions. And sure, it’s debatable if it would be of any use for them to find out about them, because the relationship between a customer and a restaurant is shaped strictly by what was ordered and the quality of the services. But our goal is not leaking stuff from the inside to justify some of the errors that occur with the dishes served (most caused by an enormous pressure behind the closed doors, by the way), but to show a sample of the fascinating world on the other side of the plate.

For instance, you might not be aware of how important a chef’s uniform is. Starting with the great Escoffier the impeccable attire has become a symbol of professionalism and a means of showing the entire world the pride of working in the field. Sure, perfectly white jackets (in the beginning symbols of cleanliness) might not necessarily be the norm but the concept of the garment is just as strong. As for the rest, just because today you’ll find chef’s uniforms in all sorts of colors and patterns might be nothing more than proof that the world of hospitality has evolved and maybe it’s not bad that any chef now has the freedom to express his unique style through clothing.

However, the chain of command in a professional kitchen is probably one of the most important elements for the proper functioning of a restaurant. Clear roles attributed to each individual make work more efficient and shapes responsibility. But surely, above all else, you need respect the team, especially for the role of every person involved, no matter how you might feel about the actual person in that particular role.

The last thing we’d like to address here has to do with the essence of our work. Although we are specialized in selling professional equipment for the HORECA field, the truth is that a genuine chef has to be a master in the art of handling a knife. Everything we provide at DACTRUST is meant to ease as much as possible the workload in a professional kitchen, but the basics need to be acquired thoroughly by hand. Actually, only someone who went through this process of sharpening his skills will truly appreciate the help such appliances provide.

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