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Did You Know That Beer…?

You might not be surprised to find out that beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, but did you know that when it comes to beverages overall its popularity is surpassed only by water and tea? Maybe age gives it the advantage – there are good reasons for believing that beer has been produced since the Neolithic, so that’s more than 11 000 years. So clearly the vikings were well acquainted with this particular beverage and it seems that they were convinced that in Valhalla (kind of their concept of Heaven) there was a goat whose udder was producing beer.

But even before them beer had already put its mark on civilization – the Babylonians were quite serious about beer production so they were ready to drown any producer that failed and they drowned him exactly in the batch he had screwed up. Furthermore, the famous pyramids seem to have been built under quite an influence, archeological evidence supporting the idea that the workers involved in raising the monuments got approximately four liters of beer every day.

Does 4l sound like a lot? It still wouldn’t amount to the record of today’s Czech Republic, the country with the highest consumption rate (and quite far from the next challenger on the list). But Belgium has the most variety of beers and it is the country with the most beer brands out of the over 400 on the global marketplace.

Still, it would be a shame to talk only about quantity. Let’s also talk about quality – for instance, the most expensive beer in the world costs somewhere close to $1 000 – it’s blonde, Belgian and has a fancy name: Vielle Bon Secours. The strongest beer is of Scottish heritage and it has a remarkable 67,5% concentration of alcohol (yes, yes, you are right if now you’re thinking that, on average, beer tends to have a concentration of about 5%, so this one probably deserves its name: Snake Venom.)

And after all, why wouldn’t we drink beer? Science says beer fights against kidney stones and it even strengthens bones…

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