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If It Is Easter, Let It Be Lamb!

Lamb meat is pretty much the highlight of any Easter dinner, so we thought we’d look for a couple of recipes and recommendations from some of the most popular chefs in Romania. Whether you’d like to try out something completelu new or a slightly different reinterpretation of a traditional recipe, we believe we’ve managed to find something for every taste.

Chef Adrian Hădean is highly recommending a slow roasted leg of lamb, baked in the oven at low temperatures of about 125 – 140 degrees Celsius. True, it would take about five hours for a perfect texture, but it’s fully worth it for its full tenderness given by the prelonged roasting time. However, although the slow cooked taste is hard to match, if you’re in a hurry you can also cook the lamb leg on the grill, preferably seasoned with sea solt, rosemary, pepper and olive oil.

Horia Vîrlan is also recommending an oven roasted lamb steak (leg, rack, ribs) la cuptor, baked at an average of 175 degrees Celsius, thus also a bit faster to cook. It is also good to remember the he recommends not to wash the lamb meat but to wipe it really well with a clean cloth that’s been well dampened.

Chef Sorin Bontea, Chef Florin Dumitrescu and Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu each recommend a recipe that should be to the liking of those who want to try new recipes and tastes: Chef Bontea showcases a lamb leg with mustard (a yummy delight with dry white wine, sage, rosemary, parcely and garlic), Chef Dumitrescu – mutton pie (a delicacy with Roquefort or Blue Auvergne cheese and full of rich flavors such as dill, cinnamon and nutmeg), and Chef Scărlătescu – mutton bones (with butter, pepper, white tine, thyme and rosemary).

How do you like your lamb? We’d love to read in the comments’ section about the recipes you’ve tried over the years and the ones who were obvious favorites among your family members.

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