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How Do They Make the Most Popular Coffee Varieties?

A lot of us love coffee and it’s very likely that most of us have a favorite variety. It may be true that for some of us coffee, in any form, is a necessity in the morning, but the coffee we cherish in our relaxing moments is special. There are those who always go for a short espresso, intense and with no sugar added, while others enjoy an extra-foamy cappuccino. But it’s quite likely that you may not know all the differences between the most popular coffee drinks, so we thought we’d make a summary.

A short espresso is made by applying the pressure of hot steam to grinded coffee (about 7-8 grams). Short espresso should be as big as a small cup of 25-30 ml, it should have a very dark color (brownish black) and the most intense coffee flavor, and this is why it tends to be the basic element for all the rest of the coffee drinks.

Long espresso is made from the same coffee quantity as the short one, but it has a double quantity of water. It seems to be debatable if it has more caffeine or not, but true coffee lovers tend to recommend the short variety. A very similar drink is the “Americano”, often obtained through simply adding hot water to a regular espresso and not necessarily exposing the coffee to more steam. But a double espresso is a double dose of regular espresso in a single cup.

A perfect cappuccino is made with three equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and foam.

The “Viennois” also has three components, but instead of the foam you’ll be getting cream on top.

Latte Macchiato is one regular espresso put in a cup or a glass of hot milk.

Macchiato is similar to a cappuccino, except for the milk. Basically, it’s only an espresso with milk foam on top.

Mocha is any of the espresso based varieties with added chocolate, whether it’s syrup, hot cocoa or in any other form.

Caffe au Lait is not made with espresso, but with filtered coffee or brewed coffee and milk.

Which one is your favorite? Do you know other varieties or secrets?

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