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How Did the Buffet Emerge?

Buffets are a common thing today. Actually, if we were to really think about it, there are plenty of (kinds of) events that we simply couldn’t imagine without this type of display for the courses. Furthermore, it’s obvious that there are significant advantages in using this form of serving: an economy of space, an economy of resources (because every guest only fills his/her plate with what he/she knows will like and, at least in most cases, in the right amount), a greater variety of dishes and it definitely eliminates the hustle of properly matching the fine mechanics of table seating.

Maybe some would say that the buffet isn’t really the most elegant way of serving and it’s probably hard to imagine an official dinner organized as such, but the elegance of it all comes from the location, the overall design of the buffet and its fine touches, and especially from the menu itself. And yes, we have very little doubt that the array of exceptions for the kinds of events that a buffet wouldn’t be appropriate for is quite limited. But who was the first to think of such a way of serving a meal?

Well, you might have heard the name of “Swedish buffet” and it really seems that the so-called Swedish “smorgasbord” is the core of this concept’s origins. Initially it was a way of feeding travelers from out of town and in the beginning the buffet only had to offer bread and butter (in fact, the Swedish term literally translates to “buttered bread board”). It was only later that other courses (such as salty fish, boiled vegetables, eggs and so on) were added to the menu.

The French were also among the pioneers of the buffet, but obviously French cuisine shaped the concept into a culinary show, far from its humble Swedish origins.

Then, in 1939, the Swedish presented their idea at The World Fair in New York, with the help of a lavish rotating platform, and from there on the idea kept spreading. Everything else is history. Today we’re simply enjoying a useful invention, easy to manage and effective. And it is because we know how popular the buffet is, we’re offering you a whole array of helpful tools and we are also recommending this must-have piece.

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