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A Couple of Fun Facts about Pizza

Do you remember when you had pizza for the first time in your life? Probably not but it is fair to assume that you enjoyed it and that you didn’t stop at that first pie. However, you may be very aware of the place you had the best pizza ever and you should know for a fact the kind of pizza that you enjoy the most (what kind of crust, which toppings, sauce and so on). So if you were to consider even the limited extent of your very own experience and the variety this food comes in, it is easy to understand why pizza, as a core-concept, is one of the most eaten and most loved meals in the world (next to pasta, rice and meat).

What you might not know about pizza is that it was actually the food item that started the “all you can eat” trend, with its already famous pizza by the meter thing. And it’s no wonder, since this dish was born out of a pretty economical necessity – a meal that is easy and fast to make, it keeps hunger away for a pretty fair amount of time and what you put on top isn’t really hard to find… whatever you have on hand. But today’s pizza is cooked in so many variations – some of which are down right exotic (we definitely need to mention here the Louie XIII pizza, a $12.000 course made with a traditional crust enriched with lobster, fancy cheese, caviar and pink salt grains, all picked by hand; oh, and let’s not forget about the pizza Royale either, dedicated to Bond, James Bond, and crowned with gold leaf, Dom Perignon, lobster and top quality salmon.)

But obviously it’s not the last ones above that make up the category of most eaten pizzas in the world. Actually, the exotic mainstream choices extend at most to the bits of pineapple on top of Hawaii pizzas – just think of Pizza Hut’s menu, since they are the chain with the most significant widespread in the world, or Domino’s menu, the largest global chain.

PS: Can you believe that the record held for the longest distance delivery was set thanks to a vegetarian pizza? We should definitely do a follow-up and check why someone in Melbourne was so determined to get a pizza delivered all the way from London!

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