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Cooking Trends of 2018

Do you remember the times when you could basically only use your fingers for counting the places where you could grab a burger, this strong exponent of the fast-food world? It hasn’t been that long but you can clearly see that this particular dish has started to dominate the menus in the last couple of years, at times re-interpreted in a way that is so much above its prior status of junk food, that you just pick up on your way and eat it quickly (often while you keep going towards your destination at that time). Actually, there are plenty of restaurants that even chose to focus in this particular niche. Is it good? Is it bad? We don’t know. But what is fact is that it couldn’t hurt for us to keep an eye out for the next big trends that are already taking shape…

It is definitely a good thing that many of the current trends seem to focus on the concept of healthier food, while also being more attentive to the ethics and ecology of the origin, harvesting and processing of all ingredients. For instance, it seems that pickeled and fermented vegetables will become more popular, their main purpose being an aid for our digestion. Somewhat similar in concerns is also the increased preference for vegetables, including as a protein source that we greatly need; thus, expect more vegan and vegetarian options, especially based on tofu, quinoa and chia seeds. Of course, we are not fully quitting meats, but it seems that we really do want for them to be produced in somewhat smaller farms, where the animals are raised far from the industrial setting and as close as possible to their natural normal.

But the focus isn’t only on digestion – our brain is too of much concern and this is why turmeric, salmon and eggs will get an increase in consumption.

Also on the rise are ethnic foods, starting with South-American goodies and all the way to the exotic dishes of hawaii or Middle-Eastern recipes and the best the Philippines have to offer. Yes, we are hungry for diversity and there are so many flavors to enjoy on this earth!

As for guilty pleasures, well, ice-cream seems to be the queen, in various tastes and pairings, but the close runner-ups are doughnuts and croissants with fillings, preferably surprising ones.

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