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Coffee Consumption in the World and in Romania

A lor of people can’t imagine starting the (working) day without their coffee. In fact, with very few exceptions, pretty much everybody loves coffee. An obvious proof is the wide array of coffee shops in any city. However, for those who seek proof in cold facts and numbers, we researched a bit of information about the global coffee market.

Thus, we found a very reliable source that said – shockingly – that South America is the main region of the world responsible for coffee production (158,93 milion 60 kg bags), Brazil being the most productive (51,5 milion 60 kg bags). Of course, Columbia is also high up in the global ranking, but Vietnam is now as well one of the key three producers. But the country with the highest love for coffee per capita is… The Netherlands.

In the United States people enjoy, on average, a little bit more than two cups of coffee each day and most Americans say they drink coffee particularly for the taste. Surprisingly or not, 87% of all coffee drinkers choose to have it at home, while coffees consumed at work only come second. Understandable though if you think that 58% out of all coffee enthusiasts use the coffee as a wake-up tool – it is preferable to already be fully awake when you get to work. Also, 32% of all Americans say they go for a coffee (or tea) whenever they’re feeling tired.

In Romania it seems that we are below the European Union average in coffee consumption – 2kg/capita, which means 60% less than other European countries. However, the trend is on the rise, but we’ve got plenty to catch up with. Same goes for the „to go” segment, although it’s no surprise that most Romanians choose for a home made pot of coffee if even the Americans, the founders of Starbucks, mostly have their coffees at home.

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