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The most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Summer is still here but even after the sun starts to hide and the temperatures begin falling, we’ll still definitely still love ice cream. True fans don’t even stop during the winter, when snows piles up at their feet. But do you know what kind of ice cream most people go for?

Well, the people at Technomic had this particular curiosity and their research revealed that the best ranking are still the classics – vanilla and chocolate, although the latter “cheats” by popping up multiple times in this delicious hierarchy with quite a few delicious variations. Strawberry ice cream comes third but it seems that less and less fans of the frozen dessert opt for this particular flavor. Right after we might find the first surprise in this ranking – banana flavored ice cream.

And while one aroma losese some of its appeal, it’s only natural that another rises. And indeed it is. The more exotic flavors are soaring, including alcohol-infused versions (for example, limoncello), sea salted ones or even spiced up ice creams. Surprisingly or not, men tend to have braver preferences, while women seem to stay faithful to the classics: vanilla, cocoa, caramel.

By the way, which ones are your favorites?

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