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The Most Popular Restaurants in the World

Comparing yourself to the best in your field can always be a great way to learn and, in the end, to grow. And since our activity revolves around restaurants, we thought we should look for the best restaurants in the world and see what makes them so special.

Sure, it’s difficult to establish what are the best restaurants in the world, but we’ll look at least at some of the most loved ones. For that we looked at the rankings on TripAdvisor and we’re confident that the hundreds of reviews from clients from all over the world who actually experienced the food and the atmosphere are pretty close to the truth.

Lucky number three is Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco, California, a place that 1278 out of the 1661 users who reviewed it found it excellent. What makes it special? Surely, a good part of its popularity is owed to Gary Danko himself, one of the most talented and respected chefs in America. After many years of study and work, to which we add his innate talent for miracles that happen in the kitchen, today he is succeeding in skillfully mixing French, Mediterranean and American cuisine, to which he adds Asian and Indian touches, in the end obtaining dishes with “elegance, depth and that evoke the simple pleasures and warmth of home cooking.”

The second most popular restaurant seems to be Eleven Madison Park in New York, it too being considered excellent by over 1000 of the 1372 who reviewed it. Other than the fact that he is in the heart of New York City, in a stunning building with huge windows that open in Madison Park, the special element of the menu is in the “century-old traditions that rooted” in the New York area. Also, the team behind the project is made of exquisite professionals and their efforts fully deserve the three Michelin stars. Daniel Humm, chef, co-owner and, basically, the head of everything delicious that’s going on at Eleven has an extended experience (being actively involved in the rhythm of professional kitchens ever since he was 14) and he puts this experience to good use in dishes that focus on simplicity, purity and seasonal flavors.

But the most popular restaurant, according to the TripAdvisor users is Alinea in Chicago and we’re encouraging you to fully explore it here, right at the source, because the plates truly look stunning. Open in 2005, granted three Michelin stars and with a culinary genius in charge of team, Chef Grant Achatz, Alinea is the restaurant that “isn’t a restaurant… at least not in a conventional sense”. It is said that dining there isn’t just delicious, but also fun, emotional and provocative, and the people who make things happen at that location manage to provide such experiences through “an innovative approach on modernist cuisine”.

So look closely at the three examples, be bolder in the kitchen and find that unique something of yours that makes you stand out! As for the rest, all you’ll be needing is devotion, since we can supply the professional solutions for the equipment.

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