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The Most Popular Fast-food Courses in the World

From a nutritional perspective, fast-food is not really the best option. But it’s very likely that almost all of us occasionally sin with a little bit of something from this category. Sometimes we’re hypnotized by the smell, other times it’s simply the most convenient option, it may happen that it’s the only thing that fits our budget from time to time or maybe we simple give in to a craving. But the fact is that the taste conquered a large part of the world and a lot of us would have to admit to the occasional guilty pleasure from this category.

And no, there’s no exaggeration in the statement above. Fast-food did in fact conquered a large part of the world. Simply think about the fact that the largest chain in the world has 30.000 restaurants in more than 100 countries from all over the world and it serves 52 million people in a single day. And add to this the other dozens of international chains and who knows how many thousands of local businesses.

But did you ever wonder what are the most popular fast-food items in the world? OK, fine, the first place might not be a surprise to anyone. We’re talking, of course, about french fries and we know all too well that they tend to be the main garnish in the industry, so they’re likely to frequently accompany basically all the other things in the menu.

Burgers come second and you may have noticed that this year there has been quite a fad about them in Romania, even in fancy restaurants (although it would probably be fair to mention that the varieties served here tend to be a bit more than fast-food).

Going further in the top 5, we’ll be bumping (somewhat predictable) into fried chicken (in different shapes, recipes and sizes), pizza and sandwiches, each of them being a genuine star in at least one huge franchise.

So there’s definitely a lot of request and as long as you limit yourself to occasional servings and stay away from excess, both your figure and health should be fine. And we’re supplying restaurants with professional equipment for any kind of fast-food variety so that they can show their skill and fully satisfy the occasional “binges” of their clients.

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