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The most Dangerous Foods in the World – The Fugu Fish

We all know that certain foods are not good for us, but now we are not talking about those courses that can affect our health on the long run or about those that could cause a certain level of discomfort, especially after a bit of an excess. There really are foods out there that can be deadly right after eating them, and some of them actually are in the menus of certain restaurants..

And we decided to start with what is probably the most notorious example in this category – the Fugu fish (the blow-fish), that Asian species (Tetraodontidae) that can be lethal, if not properly prepared. In fact, this fish is considered to be the second most venomous vertebrate in the world and it’s no wonder that between 1996 and 2006 there have been reported 44 deaths cause by the consumption of this particular fish.

But the blow-fish can be eaten in a variety of ways – boiled, fried, even raw – and it’s actually considered a delicacy in China, Japan or Korea, but it’s absolutely necessary for the cook in charge of the process to be very well trained (because knowing exactly which parts are good to eat and how much of them is safe is quite a sensitive issue). Usually, most of the poisoning comes from eating the soup or the sashimi, and you might find this weird, but there is no actual consensus on the precise source of the toxin. Still, there are a lot of specialists who consider that the poison comes from the fish’s intestines; the liver is one of the main suspects as well (in 2015 there were 5 men who died after specifically asking for the liver) and the organs in general; the skin is also on the suspects’ list.

So eating this fish would definitely be a risky experience and, even though there are options for intervening in case of a potential poisoning, the symptoms are not at all pleasant and the treatment must be applied almost immediately! Do you think it would be worth it to take on such a risk? We’d kind of recommend a “friendlier” menu, maybe a bit more traditional, prepared with safe, professional cooking equipment

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