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The Most Appreciated Restaurants of the Year

As they do every year, the good people at Trip Advisor publish a ranking of the best restaurant in the world, according to the feedback offered by the clients who directly experimented with the delights and services of different places. The top choices of 2018 have been recently published and, believe it or not, the first two chooices are restaurants in the UK. Judging by their menus we’re tempted to say that French cuisine is no stranger to those at the top, but the first actual French restaurant comes up as the 3rd.

Actually, we’re starting with the latter – Maison Lameloise, in Chagny, a restaurant with almost a full century of service, thus also having a specific architecture and spirit. Today it is being run by Eric Pras, a chef keen on balance, rigor and the harmony of flavours. Few will be those surprised by the fact that this restaurant, that has been running ever since 1921 and that has shared from generation to generation a love for both tradition and innovation, also has a three-star ranking from Michelin.

The silver medal goes to Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, a restaurant in Oxford, also with a bit of a history (more than 30 years) and aknowledged by Michelin with a ranking of two stars (stars that it got since it first opened and kept every year since then), can be experinced in a strictly gastronomical way or it can be a part of a broader experience, since there are a lot of interesting things happening in Belmond.

The first place belongs to The Black Swan at Oldstead and they have to be worthy of it since Oldstead isn’t really a metropolis, nor is it necessarily close to one, but the whole place is fully booked way in advance. This succes is due to Tommy Banks, a talented and charismatic chef, and his devotion to fresh ingredients – the kitchen uses only ingredients grown and cultivated in Oldstead.

But we highly recommend you take a deeper look at the rankings. There’s a lot to be discovered, starting here, and a lot to learn from it all!

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